Listen more and talk less!

Let others benefit!

Previously on ‘Small Things’

This is the second episode in the series about tending small things to achieve big things. The first episode was a general introduction, and a discussion of the first ‘small thing’ to be tended i.e. Tithes. It also gave a practical step of how to achieve that ‘small’ thing regularly to obtain its related benefit.

Listen more! Talk less

Listen more! Talk less

Small Thing II – LISTENING

To listen is to hear hearing attentively. Some time ago,  I came across the expression “Listen more, talk less”. I liked it so much I used it as a password; I didn’t want to forget. I wanted to abide by it in all dealings with others. It seems I am slipping now that I have changed my password. Nevertheless, I have reinvigorated myself to

Nowadays most people have smartphones. Whilst some use it for just making and receiving calls, others listen to radio programmes in addition. Increasingly, many are also listening to music. What if you were listening to an audio book or personal development message. In fact, the last two could be more beneficial to your personal and even financial well-being. This could be one differentiator – a small thing that could bring you big things.

Top Things to Listen To

  • To those around you
    Listen to the happy fellas for motivation, and the sad ones for problems you could solve for a reward. You can also listen to complaints for new ideas.
  • Instructions from superiors
  • Complaints from subordinates
  • Feedback from customers
  • Requests from your children
  • Audio books

I would like to share with you some of the valuable materials to which I have been listening. This one is a podcast from Citi FM‘s Effective Living Series on how to install a new habit. Enjoy and give me feedback in the comments section below.

Let others benefit!

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