You can’t have big things… without tending small things

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Big Things

This post is inspired by Dr. Mike Murdoch’s message titled “The Unstoppable Power of Little“. It speaks of some six small things to tend. I need to admit that his videos overwhelm my hard disk space currently, and I can’t stop viewing them repeatedly. In that video, Dr. Murdoch speaks of how everyone wants to have big things; a business, a car, a house, and a six-figure income. In fact, in a recent speaking engagement with the Youth Ministry of my Church, I asked all in attendance to write down one thing they would like to achieve by the end of this year. Then I asked all who believed what they had written was ‘big’ – 95% of them did. Only 5% believed what they had written was big; those were even compared with what they could have or should have written. This is small data to show how most humans are inclined to BIG things. But let’s see something on the other side – small things.

Big Things Begin with Small Things

Big things matter, but small things matter more, and tending the latter matters most! “. If a man was once a baby, and a tree was once a seed or some cutting, and the whale was once a calf, then small things really matter! If Jesus suggested that we need faith as small as the mustard seed to move an object as big as the mountain – not faith as big as the mountain, hey, then small things really matter. It is the small things that grow to become big. It is the seed that when planted (and nurtured) grow to become that tree that bears fruit. Therefore, this post is the first of a series that would discuss small things that today’s youth should tend in order to excel in family, finances, and field.

What You Spend First

This ‘small’ thing is one of those with the biggest of potentials in helping one excel. If you already tithe, then I believe you have so many testimonies you could share in the comments section below or via email to me. These ten reasons for tithing should be enough motivation for you to start if you don’t tithe already. But you should not do so only in your time of plenty, but even more so in your time of need. Compared with your income (100%), and what is left for you to blow (90%), your tithe is a ‘small thing’ (10%). Therefore, ensure that you give off that 10% to secure your 90%. Remember, “what you do first, [could] determine what God does next”.

Budget Your Tithe

One way I have ensured regularity in paying tithe is to add it to a written budget. It is very good advice to follow your money, and know where it goes else it would go anywhere. You don’t want your money to go into the ditches, that is why you do a budget for every income you have. Now, the TITHE should be your number 1 budget item. Count the cleanest currency notes from your pile and place it in a clean envelope for submission on the next Tithe day. Pray over it quoting Malachi 3:10, and ask God to rebuke the devourer for your sake, and give you multiple streams of income, so that you will pay Him multiple tithes. Watch the outcome in the following month. Oh, the outcome manifests in health, gifts, education, marriage, children, favour, courtesies, and opportunities – all of which are big things we want to have. Yet, it started with a small thing – surrendering 10% of your income to the One who gave you.

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Let others benefit!

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