God is First… you are a fool if you disagree!

Let others benefit!

Light from above

God created the world and everything in it. You are right for thinking I made this statement because I wanted God to be first in the sentence. As we start the Youth Creek blog – the most authoritative guide on youth matters – we want to acknowledge Him as the Premier and Definer of our goals! In fact, even as my friend Walter donated the “your virtual mentorship site” tagline, God is one who will be providing us the inspiration and wisdom to develop the world’s youth to achieve excellence in God-worship, school, family, and the marketplace.

The Other Side

Some like this guy who they say petitioned a court for an atheist holiday (he did same here too), or this guy who thinks having faith and believing in family is enough may not fully agree with this submission, but we at Youth Creek prefer belief in God to being fools” and “worthless” and “heartless” and “cruel”. These fools sometimes recognise a need for a superior being in their lives. They end up subscribing to the devil, or their own wisdom or succumb to peer pressure and polluted information from mainstream media. If a manufacturer provides a manual for its products then it makes sense for mankind to consult the master documentation their Creator has provided – the Holy Bible. And truly it is this Bible that says in simple terms that the fool believes in his heart that there is no God.

The God in Youth Creek

In tune with God’s characteristics, we want to give freely actionable knowledge to out society we all can excel together in “doing right”, and making our world a better place. Where do we start from? We provide a simple youth resource to guide you on how to choose a career for God says “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” Download your copy here! You can also access other similar resources here. Leave for us below, a comment on how we could help you excel.

Let others benefit!

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