About Us

Vison: To be the most excellent source of information for the youth.
Mission: To inspire purposeful action that result in youth excellence.
Our story
  • Over the past few years, the Youth Creek's founder, Joseph Budu has been speaking to a lot of youth groups. He observed that today's youth face several challenges that impede their progress and their quest for excellence. Now he is consumed with the passion to help the youth overcome their challenges and achieve excellence.

  • Joseph uses a 3-step solution to help the youth achieve excellence, that is: i. create access to information ii. encourage active learning, and iii. inspire purposeful action.

  • The 3-step solution is implemented with Youthcreek.com. First, by using the website, today's youth can access useful and time-tested multimedia information to help them achieve excellence. Second, Youthcreek.com encourages active learning through downloadable worksheets for assessing oneself and strategising vis-a-vis the accessed information. Third, Youthcreek.com inspires purposeful action by providing the youth with practical mentorship to guide the youth in what actions they could take to achieve excellence.


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